I'm Mariia Luzina

I have been a children’s book illustrator for over five years. To date, I have illustrated over 30 books. Many can be found on Amazon or in bookstores around the world. I specialize in portraits, cartoon illustrations, character development, and children’s books.

When it comes to children’s books, the illustrations are just as important as the text itself. My art is a mixture of digital vividness and brightness with a touch of magic. My illustrations are meant to immediately capture the eyes of the reader! 

I hope you enjoy reading “If You Touch, I’ll Tell” as much as I enjoyed bringing this important piece of literature to life!

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"My art is a mixture of digital vividness and brightness with a touch of magic!"
Mariia Luzina


Mariia Luzina was born in 1994, in the small city of Kryvyj Rih, Ukraine, where she lived with her grandparents. At the age of 15, she immigrated to Italy, to live with her mother, where she obtained a degree in Political Science at The “L’Orientale” University

From a very young age, Mariia loved to draw, so much so, that she went to an art school when she was still a child. For many years, though she was passionate about art, she considered drawing just a hubby. When she was 20, her best friend encouraged her to become an illustrator for children’s books. Mariia decided to give it a try and has never looked back!

My most recent illustrations include: 

  1. If You Touch, I’ll Tell, by Dr. Shamina Aubuchon
  2. Mornings with Mommy, by Astere Yemmer
  3. Katy has Two Grampas, by Julie Schanke Lyford and Robert A. Schanke
  4.  The Amazing Night Time Adventures of Chester and Jeff, by Emma and Joseph Smith